Artificial Intelligence And Football


Artificial Intelligence and football were diametrically opposed concepts that could not have been discussed in the 1990s. But now, opposing forces are attracting.

Yeah! Opposites are attracted to one another. Many significant advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) in football have occurred in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. As a result of these breakthroughs, AI and football have begun to form a positive relationship. Is this, however, the end of the traditional football era? It also prompts us to ponder the question. Let’s see what kind of progress has been made in football thus far.

Innovation News with AI in Football;

  • AI manages La Liga fixtures.
  • Artificial intelligence-powered robot football players are tested on mini-courts.
  • An AI coach manages one of England’s amateur clubs. Every match, the Wingate & Finchley team’s starting 11 is determined by AI, an artificial intelligence robot.
  • FIFA authorized the “VAR” system to be coordinated and controlled by a semi-automatic AI system.
Robotic Football Team

In the future, how far will artificial intelligence be in football?

Football, I believe, will become a branch in the next years when only 36 men are on the field and 22 men are pursuing a ball, but the technical committee and officials are robots. This trend, in my opinion, will begin with the board of referees and then go on to the technical committee. In the next 50 years, robot leagues will be included in every sport. However, in the near future, the first stage will undoubtedly be on the referees. Because it is well known in various leagues that referees follow the laws of the game. However, you can engrave a rule into the AI, and it will enforce the rest. As a result, the optimum option is a referee system that incorporates artificial intelligence into the regulations.

In the near future, I believe that a football club’s technical team will be handled in collaboration with AI. There will be clubs, in particular, that will rely on artificial intelligence in tactical and statistical terms, and it would not be incorrect to suggest that there are clubs that employ AI with their own analysis teams today. However, the issue I’m referring to is that: There is a maximum of 10 people in the team, and the team’s training program, football player training statistics, and match statistics are included, in which region there is a genuine need for transfer, and in which aspect the transferred football player will have a positive or negative harmony with the team. I believe it will be handled by this algorithm system, which is playbook compatible.

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