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Is It Simple for Amateur Scouts to Develop Their Own Scout System? Is It Difficult, or Difficulty? This is purely an encouraging post.

Scouting has grown in popularity in recent years. Many people who enjoy football and have the ability to observe are attempting to capitalize on this chance. As an example, consider me. Is It Difficult To Build An Amateur Scout System?

Actually, using internet code, it is extremely simple to set up an observer system. There are, however, several observation approaches. Some observers employ the four-corner system, which is a widely used idea on Earth. Because viewing a football player is more than just a statistical data point; it is also an interpretation and a feeling. You may say that getting to know someone you just met is the most relevant example.

So, what kind of method can we use to monitor football players? “FA 4 Corner” is the general system used by many scouts in FA Scouting trainings and throughout the world.

FA 4 Corner Scouting System

FA 4 Corner Scout System

The FA 4 Corner System is a widely recognised system around the world. The system’s operation is really easy. While watching a football player of your choice, you must keep four basic things in mind. 
The four primary titles are as follows: 

  • Technical 
  • Physical 
  • Psychological 
  • Social
    Examining the football player under these four key criteria yields positive and negative interpretations. Such a mechanism is used by Turkish scout sites. It is a system I can recommend for individual work.

Scoutium System

Scoutium System

Scoutium, a social scout platform that has recently gained popularity in Turkey, has been demonstrating its efficiency for the past two years. A platform for individuals who want to be Scouts that is instructional, instructive, and developer-friendly. Because, structurally, it is the platform that I would advocate as a system that gives scout candidates a reason to improve and can help them rise to the next level.

My own Amateur Scout System;

First and foremost, the goal of creating this website is to expose the football players who I have specifically noticed. However, in order to do so, it was required to develop a basic system for measuring the quality of the player, which differed from what everyone else did. I accomplished this simply using Excel.

The system works as follows: by scoring the sub-minor elements of seven key features in a football player’s profile on a scale of 0 to 100, I acquire a net match score based on the average. At the same time, I may examine the football player’s average by deducting position roles and football player reaction scores from the minor aspects. I will follow a football player for 5 to 10 matches in a season and share a comment that deviates from the norm on the site. The system is now up and running. It is critical to use my own system in this manner, but it is a system that may be improved.

What Can Be Done to Become a Scout?

If you believe you have a keen sense of observation. I believe you should first discover yourself as an amateur by using a scoutium system and then professionalize it by researching scouting courses. Don’t be misled by the notion that “those who don’t play football can’t be spectators.” This is just bullshit. Because seeing a person reveals how social you are and how well you communicate with others. You can find effective and talented football players if you have good observation skills. You simply need to focus on enhancing your football understanding and position knowledge. In this sense, I strongly advise you to play Football Manager.

Being a Scout has one distinguishing feature: the ability to observe. Everything else will be an experience for you. But here are my step-by-step instructions:

  • Being a part of the Scoutium system. Evaluate yourself.
  • Making Scouting more professional by offering a course. PFSA – Technical Scouting in Football Course, for example.
  • Create your own analytic system and track your player follow-ups.

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