Muzaffer Kocaer Scouting Analizi


Muzaffer Kocaer Scouting Analysis – Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation of Altınordu SK 20/21 Season

Scouting analysis on Muzaffer Kocaer For the 20/21 season, I’ll organize the comments I heard regarding the football player into three categories. The first title contains information about football players, followed by a match-based explanation analysis. His full observations are presented as a general football player evaluation in the final section.

Who is Muzaffer Kocaer?

Muzaffer Kocaer, a football player from Osmangazi, was born on July 25, 2001. In 2016, Muzaffer began playing in the Altnordu infrastructure. In 2019, he made his professional debut for Altnordu, and he continues to play for the same club now.

Muzaffer Kocaer 20/21 Season Statistics;

How many matches did Muzaffer Kocaer play in terms of 20/21 season statistics and how effective was he?

Match: 24

Time Taken: 1129 min.

Goal: 2

Assists: 3



Muzaffer Kocaer Match Based Evaluation;

The table below shows the results of the match-based analysis for Muzaffer Kocaer. It demonstrates the tiny features that make it effective and ineffective in general, as well as the role that should be assigned to him in the center midfield position and the outcome of our algorithmic method.

The result obtained over some matches where Muzaffer Kocaer started the first eleven in the 20/21 season;

The Algorithmic System’s Minor Features are Effective on: Speed, Game Making, Changing the Game’s Direction, Creativity, Diligence, and Short Passing.

Jumping, Head Shot, Sliding Interception, Marking, One-on-One Defense, and Physical Power are among the minor features of the Algorithmic System that are ineffective.

Evaluation of Muzaffer Kocaer;

As we can see in the general table site I supplied, our priority after the match-based analysis of Muzaffer Kocaer in the 20/21 season is in which role the football player should play. The key role that should be played at the position he occupies, according to the match-based analysis, is the Playmaker.

Moments where in-match reaction is most effective: Transition Game

  • He likes to play around penalty area.
  • He tries to play penalty box spring and shooting on that area.
  • Dribbling with a ball is effective and successful. In particular, he can quickly move the team from the 2nd zone to the 3rd zone.
  • He makes effective empty runs to create spaces for his teammates.
  • By wasting away and wants for a pass, he becomes a pass station.
  • Narrow field skill is effective, short pass and break pass attempts are successful.
  • He can quickly narrow the opponent’s team spaces.
  • Even if he presses, he is not successful in defense.
  • He needs to improve his physical strength.
  • He needs to develop foot strength, especially for long range and hard shots.
  • To improve his offensive power, he should do extra positioning exercises.

Considering Muzaffer’s height, he definitely needs to improve his physique. At the same time, I think that the player should not be played in a position with a heavy defensive load. If Muzaffer is going to play in the central midfield, I think he should play more in front of the two-way or dynamo players behind him. Muzaffer must play with a midfielder who takes on the defensive side in order to be effective and successful in the offensive organization. His speed, shooting and passing technique is effective and if he goes on top of it, he can take an active role in other leagues in the future.

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