Emircan Gürlük Scouting Analysis


Emircan Gürlük Scouting Analysis – Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation of Altınordu 21/22 Season

Emircan Gürlük Scouting analysis For the 21/22 season, I’ll organize the comments I’ve heard about the football player into three categories. The first title contains information about football players, followed by a match-based explanation analysis. His extensive observation is presented as a broad player evaluation in the final section.

Who is Emircan Gürlük?

Emircan, born in Bingöl in 2003, is a football player who plays in the forward region. He began his football career with Galatasaray’s first infrastructure. Later, he began to play in Selimiye, and most recently, he shifted to the Altnordu infrastructure.

Emircan Gürlük Season 20/21 Statistics;

How many matches did Emircan Gürlük play in terms of 20/21 season statistics and how effective was he?

Match: 20

Time Taken: 991 min.

Goal: 1

Assists: 3

Injury: –


Emircan Gürlük Match Based Evaluation;

The result obtained over some matches where Emircan Gürlük started the first eleven in the 21/22 season;

The Minor Features of the Algorithmic System are Effective: Acceleration Power (Speeding Up), Dribbling, Short Pass, Creativity, Courage, Team Harmony, Ambition, Decision.
Headings Not Effective in Minor Features in the Algorithmic System: Jumping, Head Shot, Removing the ball, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, One-on-One Defense.

Evaluation of Emircan Gürlük;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the priority role that should be played in the position played: Line Wing Forward.

Moments where the in-game reaction is most effective: Ball On The Feet.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • Use his speed effectively and effectively in a wide area.
  • He has good narrow space skills and makes the right moves under pressure.
  • He has effective crossing pass.
  • There is a high tendency to dribble past and try to get in the penalty area.
  • He’s trying to shoot and he’s good at finishing.
  • Someone who chooses to catch the ball and steer the game in the area of his own position. In this way, the team can gain time to settle on the opponent’s field. At the same time, he gets a quick reaction on the transition game and can play results-oriented.
  • He can serve in two different roles in the position he plays. One of them can be considered as a line wing and the other as a wing striker. Has the ability to contribute directly to the score.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • His defensive actions are weak and need improvement.
  • He should improve his shooting power and physical strength a little more.
  • In-game concentration drops from time to time. That’s why he can’t get into match action. This should fix the situation.
  • He needs to use the pass options effectively. He should be a little more active.

Emircan will continue as the project player of Altınordu in the next season. If he increases his physical strength, I think he is a football player with a high probability of transfer. Of course, the football player needs to increase his score contribution and match resistance. As his match experience and resistance increase, I think he will reach higher levels. I think that he will develop better in France and Germany in the future, as he is still developing.

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