Pedro Brazao Scouting Analysis


Pedro Brazao Scouting Analysis – Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation of Famalicao 21/22 Season

Pedro Brazao scouting analysis I will share the comments I have observed about the football player under 3 main headings for the 21/22 season. In the first title, football player information, then match-based explanation analysis. In the last part, his detailed observation is shared as a general player evaluation.

Who is Pedro Brazao?

Pedro, born 30 December 2002 in Portugal, is a football player who plays in the attacking midfield position. He started his football career in the infrastructure of the French club Nice. He signed his first professional contract in April 2019. He made his professional debut in the same period against Caen. His full name is Pedro David Brazão Teixeira.

Pedro Brazao Season 21/22 Statistics;

How many games did Pedro Brazao play as a statistic of the 21/22 season and how effective was he?

Match: 16

Time Taken: 587 min.

Goal: 2

Assists: 2

Injury: 20/21 – Neck Injury / 6 days – 1 match


Pedro Brazao Match Based Evaluation;

Pedro Brazao Match Based Evaluation;

The result was obtained over some matches where Pedro started the starting eleven in the 21/22 season;

The Minor Features In The Algorithmic System Influenced On The Titles: Team Cohesion, Dribbling, Short Passing.
The Minor Features in the Algorithmic System are Not Effective: Marking, One-to-One Defense, Sliding Intervention.

Evaluation of Pedro Brazao;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the priority role that should be played in the position he plays: Hidden Striker, Playmaker, Maestro.

Moments where the in-match reaction is most effective: Ball Standing, Passing Game.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • Whenever possible, he tries intermediate passes and defensive back passes.
  • Trying to be a moving and pass station.
  • It’s called the opportunity shot.
  • Trying to take a position in the penalty area or in the shower.
  • Freestyle and versatile.
  • He tries to be effective in offensive actions.
  • It is effective in narrowing the opponent’s space in the 3rd region.
  • Versatile football player, central midfielder, or wing player. Scorer and wing striker as a duty.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • His game of concentration is losing his awareness.
  • He is trying to take a position from the wing area, not the center. This makes it difficult to be a station and take a position.
  • He should work extra for narrow space skills.
  • He should try more long shots.

Brazao is a football player who has to take responsibility and strive to learn how to control his in-game psychology. How open to improvement is the football player. Brazao is a football player who grew up in Nice and is still trying to gain experience. When does Brazao reach its potential? Someone trying to reach their potential. He is someone we will see in different leagues as he takes time and improves himself. In which leagues does it improve? Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey etc. progresses in the leagues. He is someone who can play in leagues like France in the future.

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