Top 10 Training Videos for Young Football Players


It is very important for young football players to be able to do individual training outside of the team. For this reason, I will share some training videos with you.

For a Young Football Player, nothing should stop him from training. I am someone who believes that a football player’s future depends on his extra training. For this reason, I am one of those people who think that football players who work disciplined, be stable, and know their goals will always be successful. In particular, there are many football players all over the world who want to build their future by playing football. Well, I would like to present some training videos for young football players who are reading this and want to build their future on football.

Top 10 Individual Training Videos for Young Football Players

While sharing individual training videos for young football players, we also need to pay attention to the age difference. Age groups of football players: Although I aim to share training videos between U10 and U17, I want to help football players in the younger group by sharing videos between the ages of U6 and U9.

1. U6, U8, U10 age groups Dribbling Training:

As you can see in the video, children in the U6, U8, and U10 age groups are taught both ball protection, ball control, and ball possession by making Dribbling training like a game.

2. Position Finishing Training

In the video, it is training for the players who enter the position in a certain attacking organization to improve their finishing.

3. U13, U14 Training from ESPZEN Football School

Training on quickness and speed that young football players can do individually and as a group.

4. Individual Finishing, Shooting, and Agility Training

The video includes individual training on shooting, finishing, and agility.

5. Technical Training U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14

The video is a group exercise shot on a technique. It can be done as a team, but it is training that can work with a few teammates as an extra.

6. Passing and Shooting Training

It is a passing and shooting training that can be tried to get used to fast attack games. The video also has the aim of quickly finalizing the position by making a fast attack.

7. Group Football Training Ideas – Joner Football

A training video that can be done as a group or individually on warm-up, quickness, and agility.

8. Individual Dribbling and Finishing Training

In particular, I recommend this training for players who want to improve themselves in the offensive direction. Finishing and Dribbling are minor traits that are important and need to be developed.

9. Individual Defense Training

An effective training video for those who want to improve their defensive skills. In particular, extra training in narrowing the space and directing the opponent is important.

10. One-on-One Defense Training

Finally, it definitely takes extra training to improve your one-on-one defense. So, this video is a little more edited on that.

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