Terem Moffi Scouting Analysis


Terem Moffi Scouting Analysis – Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation of Lorient 22/23 Season

Terem Moffi scouting analysis I will share the comments I observed about the football player under 3 main headings for the 22/23 season. In the first title, football player information, then match-based explanation analysis. In the last part, his detailed observation is shared as a general player evaluation.

Who is Terem Moffi?

Moffi is a professional football player who was born in Nigeria in May 1999, playing as a striker. Football player who was clubless for one season in 2018. Currently, he plays football in the French Ligue 1.

Terem Moffi Season 21/22 Statistics;

How many games did Terem Moffi play as a statistic of the 21/22 season and how effective was he?

Match: 38

Time Taken: 2758 min.

Goal: 8

Assists: 4

Injury: 21/22 season – Thigh Problem 2 times – 25 days / 6 games


Terem Moffi Match Based Evaluation;

The result obtained over some matches where Moffi started the starting eleven in the 22/23 season;

The Minor Features in the Algorithmic System are Effective on: Physical strength, Shooting, Finishing, Stamina, Off-Ball Mobility, Positioning, Protecting the Ball with His Body, Speed of Removing the Ball from His Feet, Courage, Environmental Control, Self-Confidence.
Headlines Not Effective in Minor Features in the Algorithmic System: Long Pass, Cross Pass, Cutting Ball, Sliding Tackle, Marking, Changing the Direction of Game.

Evaluation of Terem Moffi;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the priority role that should be played in the position played: Pivot and Finisher.

Moments where the in-game reaction is most effective: Ball Standing.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • He’s physically strong and uses this advantage well against opposing defenders.
  • He shoots with high finishing and accurate shots in the penalty area.
  • He has a hard and powerful shot.
  • According to the back of the defense and the development of the position, he is effective to run to the near or far pole. Good positioning skills and intuition.
  • Someone who can break the opponent’s defense and thus open up space for his teammates.
  • He can come up to the midfield and take the ball and start an attack.
  • His back-to-goal game is effective.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • Although his physical strength is effective, there is a risk of getting heavier in the future.
  • Not very effective in air cannons.
  • Not Versatile. It should be evaluated in a single position on the offensive line.

Moffi is a football player who was clubless for close to a season but then used this chance most effectively. He is a football player who takes care of himself and is brave and hardworking while playing football. Statistically, it is admirable that he can perform so effectively in a low-level team in a competitive league. If he continues this performance for one more season, he will have a chance to play in a top club. Of course, he is a football player who can produce more effective statistics and performance in Europe’s B and C category leagues. In his career, he may soon be transferred to the senior team.

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