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Scouting Reviews of Notable Footballers at the World Cup 2022 Qatar

World Cup 2022 Qatar has started and continues at full speed. The group matches are over and we will now witness the struggles of the teams that managed to get out of the group. But, in this article, we will not talk about team analysis or match analysis with you. In this article, we will see the reviews of the football players who stand out as “World Cup 2022 Qatar Scouting”.

Many Asian and African national teams competed in the World Cup 2022 Qatar. We have witnessed effective performances. The prominent active players had the chance to play in these matches. Here, as “Scout Tuncalp“, I share with you the football players who stand out in the world cup matches.

World Cup 2022 Qatar Scouting Notable Players:

While teams from many countries take the stage in the World Cup 2022 Qatar tournament, we see effective performances in the matches. In this regard, I wanted to briefly share the football players whose performances I was impressed with as a scout. Without making the list too broad, I am sharing 5 football players that caught my attention. Here are the top 5 players;

Jhegson M̩ndez РEcuador National Team

Mendez is a 25-year-old football player who plays in the defensive midfield position. He currently plays for MLS club Los Angeles FC. In the matches where he played for the Ecuador national team, his guaranteeing game in the midfield and his attempt to disrupt his attacks with effective interventions were his remarkable features. Click for Jhegson Mendez analysis.

Anis Slimane – Tunisia National Team

Slimane is the football player I follow who plays for his team in Brondby and plays in the central midfield position at the age of 21. He is a football player with ball control, a candidate for the role of scorer and midfielder and his dribbling skills are effective. He has an impressive performance in the Tunisian national team. He is one of the players whose hard work, desire to direct the game and ambition stand out in the match.

Yunus Musah – USA National Team

At the age of 19, Musah is one of the football players who are considered one of the youngest players for the World Cup 2022. The football player who plays in the central midfield position was transferred by Valencia from the Arsenal infrastructure. He performs effectively in the midfield as the dynamo of the USA national team. The big reason for this is that it can play the game both ways and effective pressure and pressure in the 2nd region.

Ritsu Doan – Japan National Team

Doan is an effective offensive line player of the Japan national team, who managed to come out first against the two big giants of the group. Indeed, he contributed goals to his team at unexpected moments. He’s done this twice. Doan, 24, plays on the right wing for Germany’s Freiburg team. I think he is a football player who will make a name for himself more in this tournament.

Tajon Buchanan – Canada National Team

Buchanan was noted for his effort and hard work. However, his performance and effort in Canada, which was among the teams that could not score in this tournament, were not enough. He tried to do his duty as one of the most influential figures on Canada’s offensive line. I believe we can see their better performances in the upcoming world cup tournaments. Of course, if Canada qualifies. Buchanan is a 23-year-old winger for Belgium’s Club Brugge team.

The world cup 2022 Qatar continues at a fast pace. Even though I don’t watch a performance that I can see as my favorite team at the moment. Of course, there are teams that are ready and have a high probability of making it to the finals. For example, France, and Brazil are one of them. However, I am of the opinion that the surprise team of this tournament is definitely Japan.

I think we will watch two of the players I shared above for one more match. Let’s see how they will perform.

Click to see the analysis of football player performances in the World Cup.

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