Aimar Oroz Huarte Scouting Analysis


Aimar Oroz Huarte Scouting Analysis – Match-Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation of Osasuna 22/23 Season

Aimar Oroz Huarte 22/23 Season Statistics;

Aimar’s stats for the season are as follows.

Match:  34

Time Taken:  2.200 min.

Goal: 3

Assists: 5

Injury: 22/23 season – Ankle Injury – 42 days / 6 matches


Aimar Oroz Huarte Match Based Evaluation;

The result obtained over some matches where Huarte started the starting eleven in the 22/23 season;

  1. The Minor Features of the Algorithmic System are Effective:  Energy control, Short passing, Long passing, Dribbling, Concentration, Bravery, Creativity, Diligence, Environmental control, Ambition, Game awareness, Determination, Decision making, and Team harmony.
  2. Ineffective in Minor Features in the Algorithmic System:  Jumping, Sliding tackle, One-on-one defense, Marking, and Standing tackle.
Evaluation of Aimar Oroz Huarte;

As a result of match-based analysis, the primary role that he should play in his position: Playmaker.

Moments where the in-match reaction is most effective: Ball Standing and Passing Game.

  • Practical evaluation of guiding and passing options in offensive actions. He comes to the fore as an active person in scoring goals.
  • It is effective in passing games to be fast and to bring the ball to the 3rd zone and try passes over dribbling.
  • His set ball-handling skills are above average.
  • He is trying to be a passing station and can play an active role for his team in game awareness, environmental control, and 3rd and 2nd zone actions.
  • In-game mobility and concentration are top-notch.
  • He takes the empty balls and goes into attacking action. He either directs the game or aims to go vertically to the penalty area and evaluate the appropriate pass option.
  • Physical strength is not high. This can be a disadvantage in more formidable opponents or in high-fighting matches. He needs to strengthen his physique.
  • He should multiply his shooting attempts. He is a football player capable of taking hard and accurate shots.

Aimar shows off as a freestyle attacker. Even though he had a bad season due to his injuries, for the 22/23 season, as he reaches the rhythm of the game, I think he will be a football player with the potential to improve his development. One of the remarkable features of his game is that he evaluates the activeness and pass options well in transition games. In set games, on the other hand, thanks to his mobility, he supports the correct placement of his team as a passing station. It will be able to come to the fore in football teams trying to play the passing game. He is a football player who can continue his future in La Liga or play in other leagues. But, he needs to improve his physical strength.

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