Fabio Ronaldo Conceicao Scouting Analysis


Fabio Ronaldo Conceicao Scouting Analysis – Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation of Rio Ave 22/23 Season

Fabio Ronaldo Conceicao 22/23 Season Statistics;

We can give the performance that Ronaldo preferred throughout the season as follows:

Match:  34

Time Taken:  2101 min.

Goal:  3

Assists:  3

Injury: –


Fabio Ronaldo Conceicao Match Based Evaluation;

The result obtained over some matches where Fabio started the starting eleven in the 22/23 season;

  1. The Minor Features in the Algorithmic System are Effective:  Dribbling, Ball Control, Conditioning, Speed, Short Passing, Creativity, Courage, Diligence, Environmental Control, Self-Confidence, Game Awareness, Game Awareness, Decision Making.
  2. The Minor Features in the Algorithmic System are Not Effective: Sliding Intervention, Game Making.
Evaluation of Fabio Ronaldo Conceicao;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the priority role that should be played in the position played: Open Above the Line.

Moments where the in-match reaction is most effective: Passing Game, Ball Standing.

  • He is a top level football player with dribbling shots and passing attempts.
  • His narrow field skill is effective, he is successful in both reduction and passing.
  • He has the 2nd and 3rd region printing press and ball grabbing skills.
  • Ball possession and ball control are above average. He doesn’t catch the ball easily and has foul picking skills.
  • He is someone who runs effectively behind the defense and pays attention to the offside line. Pass attempts also give someone who is running behind the defense or who can expand the game.
  • Not top level in air balls.
  • He is a weak football player in echelon support in defensive interventions and in blocking opponents running behind the defence.
  • He’s not very effective at building games.

Fabio is a football player who is on his way to reaching the next level. He is a player who can play not only as an attacker from the open zone, but also in every part of the left field. In this way, it will be a great advantage for teams playing with the 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 tactic. He is a person who can indirectly or directly contribute to the goal contribution in offensive actions, but being effective in the line game gives him an advantage in the success of more teams in wing actions. In terms of defense, although he is not good in the level and the opponent’s set game, he is successful in meeting the opponent and pressing. This helps his team move towards fast attacks in transition games.

He can potentially play in top teams in Portugal. He can play in top level teams of leagues like Portugal. At the same time, we can see mid-level teams in 4 of the top five leagues.

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