Juan Boselli Scouting Analysis


Juan Boselli Scouting Analysis – Gil Vicente 22/23 Season Match Based Performance Analysis And General Evaluation

Juan Manuel Boselli 22/23 Season Statistics;

Below are some of Juan’s statistical data during the season.

Match: 36

Time It Takes: 1,580 min.

Goal: 3

Assists: 3

Injury: Season 18/19 – Foot Injury, Injury – 47 days / 4 matches


Match Based Evaluation of Juan Manuel Boselli;

The result obtained over some matches where Juan started the starting eleven in the 22/23 season;

Minor Traits Effectively: Medium Opening, Diligence, Ball Removal Speed.
Minor Attributes Ineffective: Jumping, Head Shot, Sliding Tackle, One-on-One Defense.

Evaluation of Juan Manuel Boselli;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the priority role that should be played in the position played: Line Wing Forward.

Moments where the in-game reaction is most effective: Ball Standing.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • He has effective skills in offensive actions on the line, such as opening the cross and creating space for his teammate. He supports this with his in-game mobility.
  • We see more support for helping teammates. In defense, there is a tendency to narrow the field and cut the ball. He often comes to support his friend who is behind in the position.
  • He’s effective in foreground printing.
  • He’s good at crossing, he can get the ball out of his feet at any speed. He has the ability to open the middle of the target.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • His shooting skill is not high level. Considering that the potential to score is against opportunistic or clear-cut defenses. His shot technique is not effective in factors such as shot power and accuracy. He needs to work on it.
  • His variety of offensive actions is limited.
  • The man is not enough to pass or reduce the opponent.
  • He is not skilled in skills such as managing the game or changing direction.

Boselli stands out as a fast player who can use the line effectively. I think he is a football player who can be effective in teams trying to direct the attack from the flanks. But, I don’t think it can be effective in high-level leagues. He has the ability to play in mid-level teams in leagues such as Portugal and Belgium. But, he is present in top-level teams where he will play in lower leagues. For example Türkiye, Greece, etc. It can be effective in leagues.

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