Tomas Handel Scouting Analysis


Tomas Handel Scouting Analysis – Guimaraes 21/22 Season Match Based Performance Analysis And General Evaluation

Tomas Handel scouting analysis I will share the comments I observed about the football player under 3 main headings for the 21/22 season. In the first title, football player information, then match-based explanation analysis. In the last part, his detailed observation is shared as a general football player evaluation.

Who is Tomas Handel?

Handel is a defensive midfielder who was born on November 21, 2000 in Portugal. He is a football player who started football in Moreirense infrastructure and continues in Guimaraes. He is a football player who also plays for the Portugal U21 team. The real name of the football player is Tomás Romano Pereira Santos Händel.

Tomas Handel Season 21/22 Statistics;

How many games did Tomas Handel play in 21/22 season statistics and how effective was he?

Match: 19

Time Taken: 1242 min.

Goal: –

Assist: –

Injury: 21/22 – Muscle Injury / 114 days – 11 matches


Tomas Handel Match Based Evaluation;

Tomas Handel Match Based Evaluation;

The result over some matches where Tomas started the starting eleven in the 21/22 season;

The Minor Features Effective in the Algorithmic System: Short Pass, Environment Control, Team Harmony.
Headlines Not Effective in Minor Features in the Algorithmic System: Finishing, Cross Shot, Sliding Tackle.

Evaluation of Tomas Handel;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the priority role that should be played in the position played: Dynamo and Regista.

Moments where in-match reaction is most effective: Transition Game.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • Passing technique and passing accuracy are effective. In this way, he can direct the game as a passing station behind.
  • He grabs the free balls and serves them to his teammates.
  • Narrowing the field and directing the opponent are effective.
  • In the 2nd region, his game plays the transition game well.
  • It supports the defense echelon.
  • Diagonal passing and directing the game to the wings are also effective.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • Good in duels but high foul risk.
  • As the defensive area expands, the defensive resistance decreases.
  • He cannot run very fast.
  • Very few diagonal passes or long passes. Therefore, he always directs the ball back or to the wing with a short pass.
  • There’s the shooting technique. But he doesn’t try. If he gets an opportunity, he shoots.

I think Handel will play the transition game effectively in the role of dynamo or regista. He makes very few long passes. When he is on the field as the only defensive midfielder in his team, he tries to play guaranteed games instead of taking risks. This causes him to not be able to fulfill the role he should have. I think he will play better if he plays with someone who plays a double defensive midfielder and has a better defensive feature next to him. I think he will develop his creativity if he plays free in the back. However, in the 2nd region, he has the ability to both collect the ball and cut the opponent’s attack area. I think he will be an effective midfielder in mid-level leagues.

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