Ensar Brahic Scouting Analysis


Ensar Brahic Scouting Analysis – Fenerbahçe 22/23 Season Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation

Ansar Brahic’s Statistics for Season 22/23;

Below are some statistical data of Ensar during the season.

Match: 19

Time Taken: 936 min.

Goal: 6

Assist: 1

Injury: –


Match Based Evaluation of Ensar Brahic;

The result obtained over some matches where Ensar started in the first eleven in the 22/23 season;

Minor Traits Effectively: Head Shot, Ball Handling, Composure, Diligence, Decision Making.
Minor Traits Not Influential: Dribbling Speed, Long Passing, Interception, Sliding Tackle, One-on-One Defense

Ansar Brahic Scouting Evaluation;

As a result of match-based analysis, the priority role that should be played in the position he plays: Pivot Striker

Moments where the in-game reaction is most effective: Ball Standing.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • A football player who has superiority in air balls, especially in the penalty area. Someone who uses the height advantage. An effective football player on goal paths and set pieces.
  • He has good ball handling. A football player who is resistant under pressure when the ball is at his feet and can protect his body in order not to lose the ball.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • He needs to improve his positioning. It takes positions near the castle and makes it easier to defend. Balls from the air thrown from the side can lag behind. He needs to sense a little more where the ball is going to be thrown. This is a situation that can be overcome by playing matches and working on offensive positions.
  • He’s not at top speed because of his size. This may cause some delay in taking the position to the player.
  • The offensive game is not diverse. He’s not top-of-the-line playing with his back or the defender on his back. I think this should work. In this way, the team can open space for his friends or serve the ball.

Ensar is a football player who needs to be hired to be experienced. As he gets a chance to play in the lower leagues of Turkey, his development will increase. He is a football player whose development needs to be followed for 2 or 3 years. He is a football player who I believe will have the capacity to play in the C class leagues of Europe if he develops his offensive diversity and reflects it on his game. Having a Partizan infrastructure is an advantage, but he is a football player whose development continues. It is clear that Fenerbahçe is not currently an A-team player.

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