Ayberk Kaygısız Scouting Analysis


Ayberk Kaygısız Scouting Analysis – Balıkesirspor 22/23 Season Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation

Ayberk Kaygısız Scouting 22/23 Season Statistics;

Below are some statistical data of Ayberk during the season.

Match: 27

Time Taken: 1813 min.

Goal: 3

Assist: –

Injury: –


Match Based Evaluation of Ayberk Kaygısız;

The result obtained over some matches in which Ayberk started the first eleven in the 22/23 season;

Minor Traits Effectively: Short Passing, Dribbling, Handling the Ball, Composure, Diligence, Determination, Team Cohesion.
Ineffective Minor Traits: Jumping, Head Shot, Finishing, Long Shot, Sliding Tackle, One-on-One Defense, Marking.

Evaluation of Ayberk Kaygısız;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the primary role that should be played in the position played: Two Way Wing.

Moments where in-match reaction is most effective: Transition Game.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • A player with a wide variety of positions. A football player who plays in the right lane and can also be used in the central midfield or offensive line.
  • He is an effective player with ball control and dribbling.
  • He’s above average in narrowing the space and putting pressure on the opponent.
  • He has the ability to open up space in offensive actions and support attacking players.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • Defensive resistance is not high. There is no high-level defensive skill in duels.
  • The game needs to improve speed. Although he is a football player who will work in the transition game, his speed and game awareness are not at a sufficient level.

Ayberk is a football player whose development process continues and increases his game and position diversity as he gets the chance to play. But he’s clearly not a gamer. For this reason, he needs to take uninterrupted time and improve the game that he is good at. It is not in the development that can take time in the super league. I think in two years it will be over that.

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