Bryan Zaragoza Scouting Analysis


Bryan Zaragoza Scouting Analysis – Granada 23/24 Season Match-Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation

Bryan Zaragoza 23/24 Season Statistics;

Below are some of Zaragoza’s statistical data during the season.

Match: 36

Time Taken: 1162 min.

Goals: 5

Assists: 1

Injury: –


Bryan Zaragoza’s Match-Based Evaluation;

The results obtained from some of the matches in which Bryan started in the starting eleven in the 23/24 season;

Minor Features That Are Effective: Free Space Actions, Courage, Creativity.
Minor Features That Are Not Effective: Physical Strength, Jumping, Heading, Interception, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, One-on-One Defending, Marking.

Evaluation of Bryan Zaragoza;

As a result of match-based analysis, the primary role he should play in the position he plays is: Wing Forward.

Moments when the in-match reaction is most effective: Ball on Foot.

Positive Aspects of Football Player:
  • He is someone with a lot of positional diversity. Offensively, he is a football player who is successful in escaping the opponent’s marking, directing the game and creating positions.
  • His shooting technique is top-level. Even though his shooting power is not effective, he can make technical shots. He tries good shots both diagonally and from places directly overlooking the goal.
  • He’s fast and has top-notch skills. I can say that his ability to drop men and use the ball quickly are some of his characteristics that put defenders in a difficult situations.
Aspects that the Football Player Needs to Improve:
  • Physical endurance and strength are not at high levels. For this reason, its speed may not be enough against tough opponents. He will lose the ball in double-fights.
  • Not enough air balls. Although this is not the primary feature of today’s wing players, it is an important feature in order to contribute to the score. However, there is a size disadvantage in this regard.

I believe that Bryan is a football player who has the potential to open the lock against fast and closed teams. I can say that the reason is his effective shooting technique in the offensive sense, his ability in small areas, and his potential to reduce manpower. He uses his dominant features effectively. We can say that he is an attractive football player for clubs that try to play offensively and productively. Even though he started his football life in La Liga, he has the potential to play in Serie A or French Ligue 1 in the following years.

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