Pedro Malheiro Scouting Analysis


Pedro Malheiro Scouting Analysis – Boavista 23/24 Season Match-Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation

Pedro Malheiro Season 22/23 Statistics;

Below are some of Pedro’s statistical data during the season.

Match: 36

Time Taken: 3.117 min.

Goal: –

Assists: 6

Injury: 21/22 Season – Knee surgery – 65 days / 10 Matches


Pedro Malheiro Match Based Evaluation;

The results obtained from some matches in which Pedro Malheiro started in the starting eleven in the 23/24 season;

Minor Traits Effectively: Agility, Long Passing, Composure, Concentration, Courage, Creativity, Team Cohesion, Environmental Control, Game Awareness, Determination.
Minor Features That Are Not Effective: Jumping, Head Shots, One-on-One Defending.

Evaluation of Pedro Malheiro;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the primary role that he should play in the position he played: Wing-Back.

Moments where the in-game reaction is most effective: Ball Standing.

Positive Aspects of Football Player:
  • He is an effective football player in supporting the score and defensive concentration. He tries to meet the opponent and defend by paying attention to the step line.
  • He is effective in passing, but his long passes over the line are effective and successful in getting the team to attack from behind. In particular, he can send effective passes to the running path of his teammates in the 3rd zone.
  • The offensive contribution is usually correct and on point. For example, he participates in a double attack game with his open player in his area. There is a tendency to fold in and a tendency to go down to zero. There are diagonal field trials and crossover trials.
Aspects that the Football Player Needs to Improve:
  • Due to his ineffectiveness in defense, he can fall behind in quick attacks that his opponent cannot meet in one-on-one defense.
  • He is not at the top level in aerial balls.

Pedro stands out as a football player who can use the corridor effectively in the right region, has a high awareness of the game, and can increase the offensive support of the team. He is a football player who can play as a wing-back and easily plays in tactical structures such as 3-5-2, 4-3-3, and 3-4-3. Considering the characteristics of the player, I think that he will easily take part in teams that think of attacking. He has the potential to play in Europe’s top leagues. In particular, he can perform in mid-level teams in leagues such as Serie A and La Liga.

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