Arnau Martínez Scouting Analysis


Arnau Martínez Scouting Analysis – Girona 23/24 Season Match-Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation

Arnau Martínez’s 22/23 Season Statistics;

Below are some of Arnau’s statistical data during the season.

Match: 35

Time Taken: 2855 min.

Goals: 3

Assists: 4

Injury: –


Match-Based Evaluation of Arnau Martínez;

The results obtained from some of the matches in which Arnau started in the starting eleven in the 23/24 season;

Minor Features That Are Effective: Conditioning, Agility, Short Passing, Ball Control, Open Space Actions, Environmental Control, Ambition.
Minor Features That Are Not Effective: Jumping, Heading, Shooting, Finishing, Long Shooting.

Evaluation of Arnau Martínez;

As a result of match-based analysis, the primary role he should play in the position he plays is: Wing-Back.

Moments when in-match reaction is most effective: Transition Game.

Positive Aspects of Football Player:
  • He’s trying to be a pass option. When starting a game from the back, he immediately throws himself to the line and creates space for his teammates as a passing option.
  • With the ball, passing preferences or game vision are not just on the line. There are also preferences for passing and dribbling towards the center. In this way, he avoids choices that would constrict the ball and the game.
  • Being fast and agile allows him to support the attack in transition. Examples of these are running in open space, having a passing option and having a variety of plays in vertical play.
  • Effective in meeting and marking the opponent. Likewise, he does not shy away from two-way tackles and is above average in ball possession.
Aspects that the Football Player Needs to Improve:
  • He is an ambitious person and cannot control it at some moments. For this reason, there is a risk of being carded.

Arnau is a full-back who stands out with his ambitious and attacking actions. There is a variety of positions. He is a football player who, in addition to the right-back position, can also play on the right wing and on the right of defense. His in-game mobility and tendency to open the game attract attention. Thanks to his effective crosses and two-way play, I think we will see him in teams in different leagues in the future. In particular, he can be successful in the Premier league.

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