Süleyman Luş Scouting Analysis


Süleyman Luş Scouting Analysis – Bandırmaspor 21/22 Season Match Based Performance Analysis and General Evaluation

Süleyman Luş scouting analysis I will share the comments I have observed about the football player under 3 main headings for the 21/22 season. In the first title, football player information, then match-based explanation analysis. In the last part, his detailed observation is shared as a general player evaluation.

Who is Süleyman Luş?

Süleyman, a football player who was born in Istanbul in 2001, plays as a fullback. He started his footballer career in Galatasaray infrastructure. He has been contaminated by different teams for the last two seasons. His current team is Bandırmaspor.

Süleyman Luş Season 21/22 Statistics;

How many matches did Süleyman Luş play as a statistic of the 21/22 season and how effective was he?

Match: 17

Time Taken: 1.076 min.


Assists: 3

Injury: 19/20 – Injury unknown – 12 days / 3 matches


Süleyman Luş Match Based Evaluation;

The result was obtained over some matches where Süleyman Luş started the first eleven in the 21/22 season;

Topics are effective in minor features in the algorithmic system: Crossing Ball, Dribbling, Agility.
Headlines Not Effective in Minor Features in the Algorithmic System: Finishing, Jumping, Head Shot, Marking.

Evaluation of Süleyman Luş;

As a result of the match-based analysis, the primary role he should play in the position he plays: Wing-Back.

Moments where the in-match reaction is most effective: Transition Game.

Positive Aspects of the Footballer:
  • He’s trying to support the offense and he’s successful at it.
  • He uses his passing options more forward.
  • They have rear overlays.
  • He is considering going into the penalty area.
  • Trying to close the opponent’s area and trying to direct the opponent into the narrow area.
  • He can make effective middles.
  • He can break the opponent players.
Aspects that the Footballer Needs to Develop:
  • He should focus on improving his fitness or try to conserve his energy.
  • He loses his concentration due to his fatigue during the match.
  • He makes a concentration-based rank error in defense.
  • Unable to be cool under pressure.
  • He jams the ball when he heads for the line, and the man is weak in the deduction.
  • He should increase his physique and stamina.
  • He should improve himself in the level runs and run to the right places.

Although Süleyman is from Galatasaray, his development continues and he needs to do extra work on the aspects that need to be developed. He needs to try to be more effective in defense and improve his speed in order to reach super league quality. He could not show the same endurance throughout the match in his 90-minute performances this season. While I’m sure he’ll get experience as he gets more opportunities, he needs to keep working the extra. If he reaches his potential, I think he can play in different leagues except for the Super League.

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